Thank you

Vicki and I have been preparing for the EverGlow Charity Music Festival for nearly twelve months and over this time, a lot of people have helped us.

So to everyone who supported us – THANK YOU xxxx
  • Providing raffle prizes
  • Nobby and Henry Steane, who supplied us with the marquees; 
  • Joe Bradshaw who collected and dropped off marquees, stage steps, and van fulls of other stuff;
  • Charlie Gowling, Sam Steane, Bhim Lal, Ginny Newsome, Di, Des and Dale Fraser who helped erect the marquees and set everything up; 
  • Tom Sullivan, Cade, Dan and Liezl Lee-Louw, Val, Wendy and Dominic Corrigan for helping with the preparation Saturday morning
  • Heather ‘keeper of the keys’ Koumi and Jack ‘provider of the table tennis’ Koumi; 
  • Chris Sanderson and Steve Vaun – steps for the stage,
  • Chris Bignell, community first responders,
  • The scouts – to Reg who kept me replenished with cups of tea!,
  • Hazel Faulkner for selling plants to raise funds and for providing car loads of items to sell,
  • Claire Shiner, our festival glitter artist
  • Our food vendors (The Spice Truck and The Shack) and stalls,
  • Our sponsors and other donors who helped us immensely with covering the costs,
  • Our fabulous musicians, some of which, stepped up at the last hour, and our entertainers, Vanessa and Rita,
  • Steph Bird of the Brain Tumour Charity for coming along to support us
  • Con from Naseby Village Hall, 
  • Henry Steane for supplying the bar – the real ale went down (literally) really well;
  • Sally Gowling and Kira Fraser for doing a great job with the activities and games cage;
  • Becci Fell (RLF Designs) for her artistry with the village hall banner;
  • Liezl Lee-Louw, who stayed up Friday night until after midnight, sewing sheets together for the acoustic chill-out tent banner, and to Dale Fraser and Lucas Marlow who created and painted on the image for it at the 11th hour (literally!!!);
  • Nikki and Tim for keeping everyone refreshed and sustained;
  • Sally Gowling for supplying impromptu bacon and egg butties for the Saturday morning helpers; 
  • To everyone who helped take everything down on Sunday morning, Cade Fox, Anthony Partridge, Ben Street, Bhim, Des;
  • To everyone who helped clean and clear Sunday morning and Ange for ensuring the village hall was spick and span on vacating. 
  • To our great raffle ticket sellers – Kira, Dale, Cade and Ange
And, last but most definitely not least, to everyone who made the effort to come along on the day and support us.  
Apologies if I have missed you out xxx  Lots of love xxx
Chris x
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