Acts announcement…….

I’m very pleased to announce that Will Ball will be joining us at the EverGlow Charity Music Festival

Will Ball has been a musician, singer, songwriter, since he was 16. Prior to that he sang in school and church choirs. Will has travelled extensively throughout Europe over the years and has played in France Germany Holland and Italy. He produced a CD in Italy in collaboration with some well-known Italian musicians for the Gaslini Paediatric hospital in Genova for their leukaemia fund. 

After extensive spinal surgery and recovery, Will decided to work in the UK more locally and with local musicians and bands. Will has a flair for adapting to most situations using different sounds and has a feel for the vibes in the music hence he is able to perform as a solo, duo trio and full band act by selecting experienced and top musicians to play with. His covers (over 200) have a personal style and are not copy-cat covers. He is a full time musician and shares his time between gigging, practising and writing new songs in his own studio. At this time Will is paying particular attention to the trio as this is proving to be a success in smaller type venues.

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