The 3 Lakes Challenge – update

This will be my 14th challenge, and is scheduled for the 3rd August!  My friend Vicki and I will be SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboarding) the three longest lakes in England, Scotland and Wales (Windermere, Loch Awe and LLyn Tegid (Lake Bala). It will involve travelling over 380 miles on land and 43 miles on water!

I have to admit, that this might be my toughest challenge so far!

On previous training sessions, the weather has been against us, cold, windy and choppy water which hasn’t helped to build my confidence with standing up!  I have felt very frustrated, seeing the youngsters get up and off, whilst I’ve been wobbling, falling in and SUPing mostly on my knees!

However, a breakthrough, last night – sunny, calm water…..sigh of relief!  Shakily, to start with, I stood up, slowly getting the paddleboarding stance and feeling more brave.  As I paddled, the techniques taught at previous sessions were remembered and I looked ahead rather than at my feet or the water! Amazingly, I paddleboarded across the width of Draycote Water – hip, hip, hurray!  

Ah, yes…and got to get back – The club house seems a long way off!

I would say I was fairly fit, but it took all my strength and determination, sweat dripping down my face!  Sounds dramatic!  Felt dramatic!  Anyway – I did it!  Totally drained, hardly any energy to get out with the paddleboard – but stood up, made it back in one piece – one happy lady! 

Now to work on my upper and lower body, plus stamina so I don’t get so pooped!





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